A Climber’s Guide to Choose the Best Liquid Chalk

Chalk is an essential substance for rock climbers and climbers in general. While climbing, it helps you get a better grip on the surface by stopping the hands from sweating excessively.

However, standard chalk sometimes fails to do the job, especially while climbing with the air around having high humidity. That is where liquid chalk comes in. So, what is liquid chalk, and how do you choose the best liquid chalk for climbers?

What Is Liquid Chalk?

Liquid chalk is the standard climbing chalk mixed with liquids (usually a kind of alcohol) that evaporates when exposed to air. If you are a climber, you must splash it onto your hands and leave it untouched for 30-60 seconds for the chalk to dry.

Once the liquid chalk dries, you will find your hands coated with an even coating of chalk. The key ingredients in liquid chalk are:

If you are a climber planning to use liquid chalk for the first time, you must choose the right one. Rather than going for the cheapest or the closest one, find the best liquid chalk with the help of this guide.

The Features to Look for In Liquid Chalk

How Does It Feel On Your Hand?

Once you grow into a pro and experienced climber, the “feel” becomes everything. Only the perfect feel will give you the right amount of comfort and ease. So, try different products before you hit the nail on the ideal feeling.

If you cannot decide on one, you can buy smaller bottles of different products and try them out to find which product suits you the best.

Liquid Chalk’s Grip Quality

Grip quality is one of the essential factors that you must look for in the liquid chalk product. Whether you are rock climbing or indulging in any other activity that requires a firm grip, then liquid chalk is the way to go.

Even though there is no easy way to test this factor, you can check if the product mentions scientifically engineered grip enhancement.

How Good Is the Consistency?

Depending on the brand, liquid chalk will either have a creamy or watery consistency. Once you rub it onto your hand, it will begin to feel a lot more like normal chalk as it dries.

While choosing one, remember that the thicker the consistency of the liquid chalk, the longer it will last.

Learn About the Drying Time

Liquid chalk is preferred by climbers who embark on trips to wet landscapes. This is because, contrary to normal chalk, the liquid is less affected by wet hands.

However, you must remember that once applied, liquid chalk will take about thirty seconds to dry. So, to be on the safer side, check if the product has any disclaimer about the drying time.

Do You Prefer a Scented One?

No, liquid chalk does not have any significant downsides compared to normal climbing chalk. However, while rubbed in, it can leave behind a distinct alcohol smell.

Although this does not affect a climber’s performance, some people personally do not like the smell of alcohol. Such climbers can look for the best liquid chalk products that are scentless.

With so many brands to choose from, you must be mindful while selecting a liquid chalk product. Read online reviews of different products, compare each of them and choose the one which meets all the requirements discussed above.

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