Check out the best toys for 1-year-olds

Kids begin leaving the baby stage at around one year old and entering the toddler stage. As they develop emotionally, physically, and developmentally, a whole new world of age with toys for 1 year olds also opens for them. The ideal toys for one-year-olds aid develop motor skills, and sensory enrichment, and promote language learning. In searching for toys for a certain age group, consider toys that suit their developmental milestones. You have to look for toys to support walking and standing up. At 12 months, they slowly learn how to talk, thus, talking toys or books can be perfect for this age group.

Below are some of the great ideas for picking toys that will grow with your child, nurture and challenge her overall development. Like her physical, thinking, social-emotional, and language skills.

Know the top picks toys for your one-year-olds

Battan Wooden Activity Cube

  • With five various play surfaces and different activities, it is the top pick that will make your one-year-olds engaged and occupied. The solid cube features spinning blocks, a wire bead maze, sliding knows, and rolling wood blocks with farm animals. The cube is designed with curved corners to aid prevent bruises and bumps. It has an adorable pictures of animals, bright colors, and a variety of activities that will keep your children entertained for some time.

Edushape Fun Z Balls

  • These balls are safe and are fantastic for sensory play for babies 9 months old and up. The set has three balls, all of which are made from soft plastic, with different colors, and created with various textures. They’re great for tossing, bouncing, and rolling and are easy for tiny hands to grasp.

 Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups

  • Children between 6 months and 4 years old can play using these toys that can be nested, stacked, or turned into a ball. It has almost 10 colorful pieces of different sizes and a little yellow ball, these all work together to produce fun towers and configurations. This toy aid toddlers work on counting, color identification, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and also strengthening fine motor skills.

Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs by Tomy

  • Unlike a usual carton of eggs, children 18 months old and up are motivated to crack all of the eggs inside. Each egg has a colorful face with a removable top that complements the chick on the inside. When your toddler lowers down on the chicken, it squeaks, this aids develop fine motor and sensory skills.

Learning friends 100 Words Book

  • This book has complete activities to strengthen sound bites that teach letters, science, numbers, and fine motor skills. All of the sound features can be played in either Spanish or English mode to enhance language skills.
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