Different Types of Hats


Caps have been in existence for ages as accessories used for fashion while also being used for other functions as well. Caps also come with an old history because they have seen several cultures use them in different shapes and trends.

A cap is worn on the head for several reasons, some of which include protecting the skin, blocking the sun rays, and also as an accessory for fashion. It is mainly produced from woven, knitted fabrics, and other materials like rubber, fur, etc. There are indeed numerous types of caps out there today and many designs.


Even though it is common knowledge that the sun has its advantages for daily living and is instrumental to the planet’s electricity, it also is known to have harmful effects on the skin. The Sun can damage our skin unimaginable and without much proof. According to research, overexposure to the sun tends to cause cancer. This isn’t some speculation, as it has been proven countless times.

If you aren’t big on throwing on a cap on those summer strolls, then now might be the right time to start.

It helps to protect your face from the sun’s rays. Anyone with sensitive skin should make it a habit to use a cap. And even if you’ve got great skin, caps are still recommended to protect your face. More so, they also help prevent wrinkles. Wearing them can prevent burns, so why not check out a good hat from Ynot clothing today.

Different Types 

There are a plethora of caps to choose from that would make a perfect match with your outfit. So many options could make you look like a fashionista. Some of the types of caps are:

  • Baseball cap

Touted as one of the most common types of caps, baseball caps ooze a more relaxed vibe. It has a much wider brim that covers the face and has decorated symbols at the front of it. They are majorly for sports but also go well fashionably too.

  • Sunny cap

The most worn cap during the sunny period and can also be worn casually. It has a brim of different sizes with a strap attached beneath it, just so it doesn’t fall off.

  • Beret cap

They are the type of caps that both genders can use, they could be used either casually or more fashionably, and they mostly come with a flat crown. Beret caps are mostly made of woven or knitted wool and or cotton. The Military and armed forces are known to use this type of cap as a part of their uniform.

  • Sun visor

This cap has just the brim and does not have a crown. They are most often used by tennis players to protect their faces from the sun.

  • Beanie cap

The Beanie Cap is a similar knit cap, but the upper part is longer and rests at the back. It is more fashionable and popular among millennials.

  • Knit cap

It is mostly used during winter because it makes the wearer warm. It is also more fashionable and mostly worn by millennials too.

  • Porkpie cap

This one is a bit similar to a fedora cap but the brim is more foldable. It comes with brooches and some decorative material, to look more fashion inclined.

  • Boater cap

This is a cap with a rather hard exterior, and it comes with straws and a flat surface around the crown and brim. It consists of a ribbon around the base that gives it its signature style.


We have so many different types of caps to style and choose from. Depending on what your day or outing looks like, you could choose a different style every day of the week. There are surely many ways to find the perfect hat to brighten your wardrobe. Remember there’s a cap for your every event!

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