Perfect Gifts For The Person Who Loves Games

 As we mentioned in a past gift guide for boyfriends, figuring out what someone is passionate about is an important part of finding the perfect present. And when it comes to identifying those passions, we all have that one friend (or family member or significant other!) who’s always up for a game –– the one who seems to be familiar with every board, card, and word game out there, and can always liven up a gathering. This is a “type” we want to bring up because their interests and hobbies in games make for fun gift-giving opportunities. If you know someone like this –– and again, everyone seems to have that friend –– below are some suggestions that can make for ideal presents.

  1. Monopoly –– Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Board Game

If they enjoyed the original monopoly board game, they will surely get a kick out of this new edition. Inspired by the Netflix original series Stranger Things (which everyone seems to love!), the game brings the eerie town of Hawkins to life within an otherwise-typical Monopoly setup. Properties are based on the show, and instead of houses and hotels, players aim for forts and hideouts. The actual gameplay is familiar though, complete with all those handy business lessons we like to draw from the classic game.

  1. Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

It’s fairly common knowledge that this game is very naughty, funny, and offensive –– all at the same time. And to be sure it lives up to its name, because some of the topics are genuinely shocking (to the point that the game isn’t for everybody). If you’re not familiar with it, the game is played like Apples 2 Apples, insofar as players are given cards with words or portions of phrases on them. In each round, everyone gets a chance to play a word or phrase to complete or respond to a prompt card, with the player who played the prompt essentially choosing who had the cleverest answer (and thus who wins the trick, or gets a point). Again, it’s not for everyone, but if you do have a friend who likes the game, an expansion pack (there are tons of them) with fresh cards is a nice gift.

  1. Custom Poker Table

These tables are ideal for poker enthusiasts, and also make for a good surface for other card and board games. In other words, despite their specific name, they make for versatile gifts for game lovers. From a card-playing perspective though, having a real poker table where players can sit down and enjoy themselves can definitely up the ante on any game night. Your friend will love it, and it will give their game nights a greater feeling of authenticity.

  1. Classic Poker Chip Set

For the most part, poker chip values are standardized, so much so that each set can be used in the same way (with values being determined by color). However, when it comes to material and design, as well as the size of a kit, there are a lot of options –– with some making for delightful presents. For high-quality chips, take a look the pattern detailing and if there are stripes around the edge; authentic casino-style chips should also be made of clay composite, with a 39mm diameter and a bit of heft to them. As for the case, try to find an attractive wooden or metal option that, again, has a bit of heft. They’re actually not all that expensive, but make for excellent quality gaming accessories.

  1. The Lord of The Rings Stratego

If you have a friend with a love of board games, chances are they already have the classic war game Stratego somewhere on their shelves. But the Lord of the Rings version (which came out following the release of The Return Of The King) adds a few twists that may make the game fresh for your friend. Imagine a battlefield lined with all of your favourite characters like Gandalf, Legolas, and Frodo, all preparing for combat against the evil lords (like Witch-king of Angmar, Saruman, and all the Nazgûl). This game will put the players in charge of the full Battle for Middle Earth, and spice up the fun of Stratego all over again.

  1. Luxury Chess Set

Any chess enthusiast will appreciate the game even more if their chess board and pieces are works of art or luxury. In some cases, this will mean a hand-carved wooden board with accompanying pieces that amounts to a one-of-a-kind set. In others, it might be a 3D-printed set with a given theme for its pieces. There is even a particular set out there that amounts to fine jewelry, having been made of sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil by Tiffany & Co. Now, that one happens to cost $75,000, so it’s likely not on the menu (unless you need quite a gift). But it can still get you thinking as you sift through the countless ornate and beautiful chess sets out there. Gift-giving is more than just being generous. It is about making an effort to make others happy, which (luckily) is easier when you really know what they enjoy. For that special person in your life who’s always harbored a love of games of all kinds, we hope the selections above have given you some good ideas to work with!

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