Things to Do When You Are at a Loose End

Working from home when you aren’t used to it can be really difficult, something one has to get used to though really considering the current restrictions. Even if you are used to being at home, you will no doubt be spending more time there than you are used to and might find yourself at a loose end. Here’s some ideas of productive stuff you could do;

Play some classic games

If you live with family or you could have your friends over and play some old classic games for a laugh, it all depends upon how adventurous you are. You could play is safe with a multiplayer computer game, a board game or you could play some old school classics like twister or hide and seek, probably a bit harder to hide as an adult but could be fun.


Everybody has an item of clothing that could do with a repaired stitch here or there, you could learn to sew, see if any shops that do sewing machine repair in Taunton have any second-hand machines or they might know private sellers. If you already have a machine, but it’s not working as it should do then a good service would help.


One of the best things to do to occupy your time, ease the mind and to get in touch with your imagination is art, it doesn’t have to be full-on water colour masterpieces, start with some drawing, you might be surprised at how good you are.

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