Why Different Face Masks Can Help Your Health

Easily the biggest topic of the 2020 year was coronavirus and COVID-19. The pandemic changed everything: the way we eat, the way we travel, the way we visit friends and loved ones. While most of the world was able to get online, the unfortunate reality is that many people do not have this option at their job. If you are still going in to work during the epidemic, some of the best practices to follow are using face masks around others and keeping a safe distance when working.

How Do Face Masks Help?

Face masks are on the rise over the last year. While typically only used in Asian countries during flu season, the whole world has adopted this practice to help combat the virus. Face masks come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, but there are a few that you’ll see most regularly outside:

  • The 95-respirator mask: Worn often and usually by the medical profession, the respirator mask is currently the most effective at keeping the virus at bay. That’s because these masks help to filter out 95% of the air particles that you breathe. These are also excellent during cold weather when pollution typically runs higher.
  • The disposable masks: These are also commonly worn and as the name implies, are disposable. In reality, these masks should only be worn once and tossed after each use.
  • The cloth masks: These are common, but unfortunately the least effective, especially if the material is very thin or there is only one layer sewn in. However, these masks are more environment-friendly because they can be washed after each use and worn again.

The first two masks are the most effective in preventing COVID-19. Check with your work to see if they supply any to essential workers, and if they are safe and effective to use. If you prefer to purchase your own, it is a great idea to bulk buy face masks, as then you have plenty at your disposal and can easily swap for a new mask if you feel it’s necessary. Make sure to never wear a mask two days in a row as this can easily cause other health problems.

Practice Other Preventative Health Measures

Another way to easily help prevent the spread of the virus is simply to keep a distance from others around you. This helps keep you from breathing in the same air as an infected person. By washing your hands and keeping your vitamin and mineral count up, you can take small steps to help prevent any sort of virus or flu.


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